Dating a mermaid

09-Nov-2017 00:31

"We walked into the jungle taking pictures and entered the amazing cave; it's so quiet and calm and has a really special atmosphere." With two team members hiding in the shadows, Polly asked the couple to stand in the rays of light and pause."It genuinely was one of those moments where time stands still, where the air hangs heavy with anticipation," Polly wrote.Unlike standard mermaids, which reside in warm ocean waters, these mermaids regularly travel from rivers to oceans and back again.

In modern times, Mermaid society is dealing with an "elopement problem".

The Mermaid (人魚族, Ningyo-zoku) is a humanoid liminal race with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a fish.

Living beneath the sea, mermaids are protected from the interference of the other land-based races and as such have been free to establish their own civilization beneath the oceans of the world.

When Eric told Polly that he wanted to do something crazy, she immediately thought of a specific cave, and when he mentioned that Cammy loves mermaids, the ideas just escalated from there.

"The cenote with the rays of light entering is the definition of an epic proposal location," Polly wrote on Del Sol Photography's website.

They have a tremendous amount of stamina and often stay up all night, consequently making them sleep-deprived most of the time.