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A star indicates a work judged by a reviewer to be outstanding in its genre.

Certain nonstarred reviews sometimes appear in the magazine in boxes; this special placement is not necessarily an indicator of quality but rather denotes an item of special interest—details about which are spelled out in the review.

In nonfiction, books of borderline quality but considerable usefulness may also be reviewed.

Materials are evaluated in galley proofs, folded-and-gathered sheets, paperback, or hardcover.

Adult Books Recommendations in the Adult Books section of Booklist are based on the premise that any library collection must include both works of current interest and those of lasting value, regardless of their ideological point of view.

Works appealing to popular interests or serving recreational functions are recommended in accordance with standards appropriate to the subject matter and to the needs of the intended audience.

editors and reviewers participate in evaluation as an open-ended process and follow standard selection criteria consistent with the Library Bill of Rights and its various interpretations as adopted by the Council of the American Library Association.

In selecting materials for review, Booklist editors reflect many of the same attitudes as professional librarians selecting materials for purchase.

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Recommendations are made from works written or produced in English and distributed in the U. Periodicals, pamphlets, vanity publications, and highly technical, specialized, sectarian, and free materials are outside the scope of the regular reviewing program.

In cases where no galleys are available, photocopied manuscript, page proofs, folded-and-gathered sheets, or other forms of prepublication copy are acceptable.

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